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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This is going to be a bit of a mixed post today as although the past weekend or so has been amazing, the death of my computer last night destroyed everything.

So this weekend Chris whisked me off for a romantic weekend away in the Lakes. It was wonderful. On the Saturday we stopped by Aira Force waterfalls and saw the most beautiful fall with a rainbow across it. Having taken us less time than we'd thought it would, we had a drive through the Honister Pass then stopped at Buttermere for a walk, and I hoped for a Desperados but much to my dismay, the pub didn't start stocking them till Easter. Ahwell! In the evening we had an amazing meal at a country pub-like place and although it was stupidly cold it was a really nice night. On Sunday we went to the Aquarium on the Lake at Windermere...Don't go there. It's £10 to get in and the fish you see are no different to what you can buy at Pets At Home. Not only that, but the fish exhibits were so weak, they had monkeys. Yeah that's what I thought...All in all though it was amazing and Chris is amazing too!

Like I said, my computer died a horrible death and I'm still trying to figure out why. I was using it last night when it refused to open programs. So I figured a restart would sort it out. Except when it restarted it got stuck on the Windows splash page, everytime! Tried launching startup repair and it froze everytime. Eventually had to work through safe boot and do a system restore and Windows loaded, but I still have no idea what actually caused it. Which means I'm going to be on edge now for the forseeable future. Time to get it insured I think!

Today is my favourite TV show day. Both Glee and Hellcats, what could be better! Hellcats especially was brilliant this week and what's frustrating me is that they sung Redemption Song at the end and it was a bloody good version of it. Except noone has seized on this and turned it into a torrent for me yet :( Hopefully it'll get released on a CD of the series? Maybe? Hopefully...

I leave you this week with my favourite picture of the week!




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