Stuffed up to the heavens

Saturday, 5 February 2011

So yesterday I woke up not being able to breathe, something I think should be blamed on standing around outside at 3am on Thursday morning after the weekly Archery night out. Getting up at 8am that morning wasn't the most enjoyable experience but at least I got taken out for cake and drink by my supervisor with his research group. I've been at Liverpool Uni for 3.5 years now, and I've never stepped foot in the Victoria Art Gallery and Museum. When we went for those drinks, I failed to understand why! It's beautiful in there and definitely something for people of the Uni to be proud of.

I got to see my darling Puff at work last night and she's still just as gorgeous as ever and I cannot wait to bring her home!!! As soon as the hellspawn named Gingersnap has found her new home! I might scream if she keeps me awake anymore! Pep has recovered well from her operation, much to my relief, and although she's got a scab or something beneath her skin I'm assured it's nothing to worry about. What I should be worrying about is the fact I've an interim report due in on Monday that I only learned about yesterday, and I'm unfortunately busy all weekend...Yeah wish me luck!

Despite being all bunged up, it's made slightly better by the fact Chris is here to look after me, though he tries to suffocate me more than anything! He'll no doubt catch whatever I have and make himself miserable for our trip next weekend, but it'll all be his fault! xD Lot's of reading to do this week and need to brush up on my programming skills so if needed, I'm not such an awful teacher. Hopefully nothing goes epically wrong but hey! It's me and something is bound to happen xD.



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