Liverpool never fails to surprise!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

After you've spent a few years in a place, you begin to think you've seen everything there is to see of the place, that nothing can surprise you anymore. Yet Liverpool manages to keep surprising me in many many ways. The trend of going out in your pj's with curlers in your hair still fascinates and annoys me but it's distinctly scouse so I can put up with it. So last night when I found myself in an old man/goth rocker, dark, dingy pub called the Swan, the last person I expected to encounter was a student chemist who wanted to talk genetics! Liverpool never fails to surprise! Nevertheless it was an interesting conversation, mostly enlightening me as to how alcohol affects a person's ability to structure a coherent and sensible thought. The night out itself was brilliant and I'd forgotten how good a night out with a bunch of girl-friends actually is! Rocking out to Panic! and Blink182 in The K is one of the best things ever, even if your feet are dead by the end of the night, you have huge blisters and you wake up feeling as though you've done a hundred sit-ups! I can't go out as often as I used to, alas I lack the stamina nowadays, but it's brilliant to let your hair down once in a while!

My semester 1 module marks made the last few months of stress all worthwhile having gained an average of 67, with three of the five modules I took scoring 77-70. Definitely on track for a merit, and dare I hope, a distinction?? We shall see I suppose. Now I need to apply for PhD's and jobs and hope I can get my life sorted soon. Or at least the next few years of it!

We're coming to the end of February now and March is going to be a busy month for me. It's my Grandma's birthday and her party which has been no end of hassle trying to organise, but everything seems to be falling into place now. I've also got my bird of prey experience to go on which is going to be absolutely amazing!! More uni work, learning MySQL and HTML will become the natural humdrum of my life once more and hopefully things will go smoothly!

My film recommendation of the week is I Am Number Four. A brilliant film about a guy/alien who is on the run from those who would try to kill him. It's corny in parts, don't get me wrong, but it's another great production from Michael Bay and well worth a trip to the IMAX to see! Stunning effects, an effortless story and last but certainly not least, an absolutely gorgeous english gem in the form of Alex Pettyfer! (Or if you're a guy, Dianna Agron from Glee). Don't miss out!



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