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Monday, 7 March 2011

The changing of the season is not going so well in my room at the moment. Beneath my quilt it can't decide whether to stay warm or go really cold and as such I'm having some pretty restless nights. Waking in the morning feeling like I've just gone to bed certainly isn't fun, I'm sure you can all agree. It doesn't help to be woken up by your darling ferret at 8am because for the third time in a week she's managed to escape her cage! I've just upgraded their cage to a double tiered one, having done some pretty experimental DIY on my part. What I hadn't banked on was Pep finding out how to push out one of the lower walls enough to squeeze up it. Three times I have come into my room to find it trashed. So now I've resorted to tape. Yes that most basic of tools! I'm hoping cellotaping the wall to the base will be enough to stop her pushing it away. The question is how strong is the tape???? We will soon find out I don't doubt.

Continuing on with ferrets, me and Chris took my two crazy critters to meet Tammy and Will's ferrets on Saturday morning to see how well they'd get on. Pep and Plode were obviously in their territory so there were a few altercations, none of which any more serious than battling it out for dominance. It became clear that Guybrush and mine got on well once Pep had established she was top dog by rolling poor Guybrush over and over again in a crocodile roll. Pep and Flo will be a little more of a challenge, but I'm convinced it will work. As such I'll be gladly looking after Guybrush and Flo and bringing the ferret count to 4 :D What is a group of ferrets called? I'm sure I can google it.

In the past week or so since receiving my results I've been applying for things left, right and centre. 3 PhD's and 3 jobs so far I think, though I'll be applying for more jobs this coming week and closely watching the PhD list for ones I might like to do. It's becoming quite stressful not knowing what I'll be doing when I finish my Masters, and especially stressful knowing my Masters doesn't finish till September and my rent contract end in June...If I knew I'd be continuing in Liverpool there would be no complications at all, I'd just find a new house and carry on. But until I know what I'm doing I'm in no man's land and I don't like it! I can't just go home like everyone else because I have a course to finish, but nor can I take out another contract in case I'm in say Edinburgh or Cambridge after the Masters.



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