Ferret Diaries 1

Thursday, 17 March 2011

As some of you may know I now have two new, beautiful ferrets named Guybrush and Flo. Since arriving with me, Guybrush and Flo have lived quite happily together despite their differences before coming here. Perhaps they accepted each other in the stress of moving, who knows but it's great to watch them curled up asleep on their cushion! They don't appear to sleep as deeply as Plode and Pep as whenever I move near the cage they're up and about to see what's going on.

So hopefully, I aim to get all four ferrets living together...Something which will take longer than I originally thought. But it's a challenge I'm all too willing to accept! It's been 5 days now of half hour introductions each day. Each time it starts out nice and civil. They all run around sniffing, playing with toys, seemingly oblivious of each other. Then Pep will launch herself at Guybrush and a mini fight will erupt. Plode keeps himself out of all the fights if he can and I think it's clear he's at the bottom of the hierarchy. But once the fighting has begun between Pep and Guybrush, Flo leaps in, almost in a tag-team effort, and really starts going at Pep. Yet makes yelps and squeals as if it's Pep attacking her. It hasn't changed in intensity in the past week, but I imagine things will begin to settle.  If Pep, Plode and Guybrush are out and Flo is caged then things seem to run smoother. Pep and Guybrush just need to sort out who's the top ferret!

Guybrush has begun a somewhat annoying habit of banging on the cage bars at 6am in an effort to get let out, which I'm stoically refusing to acknowledge. Needless to say it meant I had only 3 hours sleep last night so I'm somewhat knackered. Hopefully that habit will be kicked soon. Pep got out of it rather quickly when she was young. Though Guybrush is coming up to 2 years old now.

I think come Saturday evening I'll be giving them all a bath again to try and bring them together. It'll make them a lil stinkier, but behaviour needs to be sorted before I think about musky smells!



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